Professional Guide for the Development of Next-Generation Solar Parks

Professional Guide for the Development of Next-Generation Solar Parks


Slide "We felt it was important to be involved in the work to develop the next generation of solar parks because we believe that environmental and conservation approaches and considerations need to be embedded deeper and from the very beginning - from the very start of the planning process - in all activities that may impact our natural environment. This can significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment and, with the right design and construction, can even have a positive impact on some elements of the biosphere. New generation solar parks will be just such an investment, with minimal negative impacts on the natural environment, but with many positive impacts. We are particularly pleased to see that representatives of the conservation biology profession have been involved in the development activities from the outset, both from the public administration and from the independent expert community, ensuring that a comprehensive and well-rounded expert input is produced."

Slide "ALTEO has been committed to sustainable development from the very beginning and has several renewable power plants in its portfolio, including solar power plants. In recent years, we have been involved in the construction of several new solar parks, so we were confronted first hand with the problem of the lack of a single recommendation to take sustainability aspects into account at the same time. In addition to the cost-effective provision of renewable energy, we must not forget the ecological aspects when it comes to solar farm installation, which is why we were very pleased with this initiative. The partnership has given us the opportunity to learn, while we have also been happy to contribute to the review of the initiative, so that we can share our experience of construction and operation to produce a publication that will be of real long-term and wide use."

– ALTEO Nyrt. –
Slide "GEOHIDROTERV Ltd. is committed to quality, environmental and occupational safety. In all our decisions, we give priority to quality, environment and occupational safety, so we didn't have to think twice about participating in the preparation of a guide for the installation of solar parks, which is a niche in terms of environment and nature protection."

Slide "Today, climate change and biodiversity loss are two of the most pressing environmental problems of our time, and tackling them is our shared responsibility. We believe that this publication can be of great help in reconciling these concerns, as in many cases the choice of location, design and maintenance methods of solar parks will determine their impact on local natural values and biodiversity."

– Kiskunsági National Park Directorate –
Slide "We all hear and read about it, and we beekeepers feel and experience first-hand how much the environment we live in has changed, whether it's climate change, agricultural chemical use or other forms of pollution. We feel that this project is a slice of the work that we are doing to try to stop and reverse these processes for a more liveable environment. This is one of the reasons why we felt it was important to work together."

- Association of Hungarian Professional Beekeepers -
Slide "There's no question that nature is very close to all of us, that's why we chose our professions (geology, environmental protection) and that's why we can fully support sustainability projects. We believe it is important that an environmentally conscious and conservation-minded approach is also spreading to the energy industry, and it feels good to be part of this process.
On the one hand, the compilation of the professional compass provided an opportunity for professional development, since during the research work we were able to learn about numerous studies and research results on a very broad spectrum of natural science and environmental knowledge, and on the other hand, it was a good feeling to create something that would help industry participants or even those interested in the topic to implement their environmentally and nature-friendly solar energy projects."

– SolServices Kft. –
Slide "We believe that the process of energy production must rely on resources whose exploitation in no way hinders future generations from exploiting these resources in the same way. As a company that designs and builds renewable energy projects in particular, if we can deploy these technologies in line with environmental and conservation guidelines, we can add to our national and international value creation. That is why it was important to produce this document."

– STS Group –



    Professional Guide for the Development of Next-Generation Solar Parks

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