SolServices Ltd. is working on the expansion of energy production based on renewable energy sources, keeping in mind the criteria of sustainability and the development objectives of the future modern domestic energy industry. Its advanced solar farm projects, based on the latest innovations and environmentally friendly installation and operation solutions, are economically and environmentally realistic, competitive alternatives to conventional large-scale power generation technologies with carbon dioxide emissions. In our essentially electricity-driven world, every effort must be made to preserve our natural assets and biodiversity. This is a particular focus of the company’s activities, and our value-based approach is based on preserving and passing on to future generations the diversity of nature and wildlife. The clean energy production of the solar parks will contribute to the environmental protection and emission reduction efforts of the region, especially Hungary, and ultimately to the climate-friendly transition of the Hungarian energy industry. In all cases, solar parks are implemented in close cooperation with local communities, thus supporting their development.

ALTEO Plc. is a domestically owned energy services and trading company with an ESG approach. Its business activities include energy production based on renewable energy sources and natural gas, energy trading, and tailor-made energy services and developments for companies. It provides a reliable, environmentally responsible energy supply based on the sustainable use of renewable energy, enabling it to serve its customers’ needs efficiently thanks to its own optimally designed assets and its control centre. ALTEO is a dynamic and sustainable company, constantly seeking investment and expansion opportunities, working to provide its customers and partners with the highest quality and most innovative services, and thereby to increase shareholder value in the long term. Both Hungary and ALTEO have very ambitious plans for renewable energy production. With the emergence of weather-dependent renewable energy, there has recently been an increased market demand for dispatching and balancing activities due to the fluctuating performance of these plants. The latter can be provided through our control centre, with the vast majority of gas-fired power plants, and ALTEO sees a significant opportunity in the simultaneous development of these two services, in addition to the construction of renewable generation plants. ALTEO believes in sustainable operation, and this ethos is reflected not only in its activities (such as the increasing use of renewable energy sources), but also in the positive impact that its approach can have on the attitude of its partners and investors.

BioAqua Pro Ltd. was founded in 2004 and is a 100% domestically owned environmental services and consulting company. The aim of the founders of the company was to fill a gap in environmental and nature conservation services in Hungary, in the field of professional biological monitoring and ecological status assessment and the preparation of impact assessments based on these, to contribute to the identification of environmental and natural values, to their scientific assessment, to the knowledge of the ecological status of habitats and to the monitoring of natural and human-induced changes in status. Over the past 17 years, the company has extended its activities to impact assessments of projects in Natura 2000 sites, environmental impact assessments, preliminary assessment documents, environmental review documents and single environmental permit documents, through its working relationship with more than 250 organisations. Since its foundation, the company has successfully completed more than a thousand projects. Perhaps the most significant of these are the exploration and monitoring projects, both cross-border and national in scope, which have enabled the company to grow and to achieve the technological and personnel improvements that have defined its market position. The experts of BioAqua Pro Ltd. are experts in the fields of hydrobiology, aquatic ecology, botany, herpetology and ornithology, and have 15-20 years of experience in practical and theoretical issues related to the protection of the environment and nature, biomonitoring in Hungary. In 2010, the company introduced and applies a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of MSZ EN ISO 9001. The number of employees in BioAqua Pro Ltd. has gradually increased, reaching 18 by 2020. In addition to the employees, a number of external experts are involved in the work of the company, carrying out ad hoc tasks.

Founded in 1990, GEOHIDROTERV Ltd. is a company with more than fifteen employees specialising in environmental, engineering geology and water management and construction.
The company is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, computer support systems, on-site sampling, analytical and geodetic equipment, soil drilling and various decontamination equipment and technologies. Thanks to its team of experts, engineers and designers with an outstanding professional background and experience, both nationally and internationally, the company’s presence in the field of environmental protection, remediation and waste management has become indispensable in recent years.
The Group is committed to continuous, innovative and sustainable development, supported by continuous free training and education of its employees – qualified engineers and highly skilled technicians, research pilot development programmes and the acquisition of new technologies every year.

In the central part of our country, embraced by two great rivers, the Danube and the Tisza, there is a unique landscape of flat plains, which, despite its apparent monotony, includes a wide variety of habitats. It bears the marks of both the constant changes in nature and the successive generations of people who have lived here.
The Kiskunság National Park was established in 1975 – the second in the country – to protect the natural values of the Kiskunság landscape. Covering an area of more than 51 000 hectares and consisting of nine units, the national park’s characteristic habitats include the Danube’s salt marshes and lakes, the sandy heathland’s hummocky hills, extensive grasslands and sandy forests, the peat bogs and marshland of the Tisza, and the Tisza’s backwaters, floodplain forests and salt marshes. These hide a number of natural and landscape rarities that can only be seen here.
Two-thirds of its territory is a biosphere reserve. Lake Felső-Kiskunsági, the Felső-Kiskunsági-Puszta and Lake Kolon are internationally important wild wetland habitats under the Ramsar Convention, and Lake Kolon is the only biogenetic reserve in Hungary.

Areas of the Kiskunság National Park:
Szikra és az Alpári-rét

The Association of Hungarian Professional Beekeepers is a national association of full-time beekeepers and as such represents the interests of our members in various forums. Whether it be international or national conferences, negotiations with the authorities, liaising with other beekeepers’ associations in Hungary and abroad.
Every year, for almost 20 years, the association organises a 3-4 day beekeeping conference in the autumn, usually attended by more than 200 people, and also organises professional trips abroad at the end of the beekeeping season, which is also popular with its members.

STS Group is an internationally well-known and respected group of companies (STS Engineering & Construction Kft., STS Service Kft., STS PowerPlant Kft.), which has been active in the electrical energy industry since 2002, mainly focusing on renewable energies.
The founder, Tamás Gyepes, was the network director of ÉDÁSZ Zrt. (now E.ON), an energy supply company responsible for the energy supply and electricity network of the North Transdanubian region.
The Group has completed a wide range of energy projects, from the installation of gas engines to wind farms. Since then, it has consolidated its position in the construction, design and operation of solar farms. The group’s greatest strength is its ability to design and build electrical networks at almost any voltage level. As a result, STS is responsible for the construction of numerous substations and transmission lines in our country.